Creativity of approach and thoroughness of effort are the hallmarks of the STRATEGIC INSIGHTS® way.

We specialize in tackling the most difficult marketing questions, including:

We are frequently asked what our specialty is and are hard pressed to pick out any one thing. We love the wide variety of projects we do, from chewing gum to pre-emergent herbicides, from morphine to cable TV. If there is a commonality to the assignments we take on for our clients, it is that each offers the challenge of being especially demanding in some way. It might be a highly technical topic that requires us to be quick studies; it could be hard-to-reach respondents; it could be adjusting to a foreign culture; it could be turning around an urgent request to meet a seemingly impossible deadline; or maybe it is simply complicated statistics.

We approach every study with an open mind and fresh thinking. Our corporate motto succinctly puts the STRATEGIC INSIGHTS® way: Challenge Your Assumptions.

We cross-pollinate our projects, taking what we learn about breakfast cereal and implementing that in agricultural chemicals, or applying effective techniques with physicians to architects. We (and our clients) find the breadth and depth of our experience a resource.

We Challenge Your Assumptions - and ours - to bring high-level analytic skill to the solution of your marketing problems.

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