Our philosophy is to approach each study with the goal of answering the client's research objectives given the marketing issues involved. This requires a thorough understanding of the client's company, products, market position, competition, and marketing goals. To do this, we employ a great deal of up-front effort, including examining past research and interviewing the client's research and marketing team.

Each study is managed by a senior research executive. This includes proposal writing, questionnaire development, field work, data processing, statistical analysis, report writing, and presentation of results.

Great care is given to each study. Most of our studies either require or will benefit from sophisticated statistical analysis, including conjoint analysis and segmentation. These analyses are all done with a definite purpose: to bring the data to life by understanding the complexity of attitudes and behavior that underlie the market. This includes the factors that drive consumers toward certain products and away from others; the attitudinal, demographic and psychographic characteristics that differentiate users of category products; how a market might respond to different product offerings; and the marketing opportunities characterized by unfulfilled consumer needs.

In essence, we attempt to answer not just what is going on in the market, but why and how this knowledge might benefit client marketing efforts.

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